Crowe 协助您管理的整个议程,在全球和本地建立有竞争力的公司


Rsa是全球和法国第九大审计、会计和咨询网络,Crowe International的成员。


Crowe France 是全球第九大审计、会计和咨询网络在法国的代表。



Crowe France 是全球第九大审计、会计和咨询网络Crowe International的成员。

Crowe International 汇集了领先的独立事务所,提供符合每个国家具体情况的全球专业知识,有效地帮助客户在国内外或国际的发展。成员拥有共同的愿景,方法和共同的价值观服务于他们的客户。作为网络的成员,并且与网络成员协作,可以享受:

  • 所有国家和国际经济及专业机构认可的技能。

  • 服务的技术质量,有道德和诚信保障,信誉昭著的合作伙伴。

  • 一个真正能力来指点全球性问题和用通过网络专有知识来支持它的客户。

  • 每个学科专家组的支持,专门支持在全球,区域和地方运营的公司。

  • 覆盖全法的网络。






  • 会计和税务

  • 审计

  • 风险咨询

  • 咨询和企业融资



  • 审计,会计,企业融资和风险咨询领域的专家提供的广泛的服务。

  • 67个办事处的地域覆盖。

  • 跨界服务,因为他们的团队习惯在国际环境或通过联络全球多个办事处的情况下工作。


Crowe France Crowe International


Worldwide :

Crowe International is ranked among the top 10 global accounting networks with 171 independent accounting and advisory services firms with 671 offices and 29 239 professionals and staff in more than 100 countries around the world.

In 2012, Crowe International has achieved a consolidated turnover of 3,077 billion dollars.

Crowe International’s member firms are committed to impeccable quality service, highly integrated service delivery processes and a common set of core values that guide their decisions daily. Each firm is well-established as a leader in its national business community and is staffed by nationals, thereby providing a knowledge of local laws and customs which is important to clients undertaking new ventures or expanding into other countries.

Crowe International member firms are known for their personal service to privately and publicly held businesses in all sectors and have built an international reputation in the areas of audit, tax, advisory services and risk consulting.