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RSA I.B.S. teams gather skilled professionals, accustomed to intervene and communicate in international environments, being effective support for your teams on local specificities and regulatory obligations in accounting and tax matters.

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  • To face different language, cultural and regulatory practices

Expand its business internationally provides undoubtedly a real opportunity. As a foreign company, to secure and optimize your projects in France, it is important to control the new environment in which to grow your business. Language barrier, relations with a foreign government, new and complex regulatory environment, particularly tax and social law, choice of status, recruitment practices are all issues that you face.


  • To manage a complex and evolving tax and social environment

To ensure compliance with the legal requirements and to optimize the tax or social choices, it is necessary to rely on advice with a high technical level, the ability to maintain updated skills and knowledge, and perfect control of the regulatory environment and local tax

  • To adopt a flexible and scalable organization

allowing you to focus on your core business and to quickly adapt your organization to the changing needs both in terms of quantity and quality. The outsourcing of accounting, payrolls and finance functions , is often a factor for success.

 RSA is a partner who can support you in the duration and the diversity of your needs real support and interface for your teams.


With an experience of over 20 years in supporting foreign companies in France, RSA developed a dedicated service offering to meet the specific needs of foreign companies or subsidiaries of international groups. Its membership in the global network Crowe  also enables it to support its French customers in their development projects abroad enjoying quality support and consistent with its local partners in more than 120 countries.

Our objective is to provide safety, reactiveness, clarity

    • Assistance for business creation
      Accounting and tax support
      Assistance in the preparation of annual accounts and tax returns
      Partial or complete outsourcing of accounting and financial functions
      Business advice and support in your development projects
      Tax compliance with French regulations
    • Payroll statements and employment laws advisory

    The social environment is a complex and evolving environment that requires highly qualified teams and regulatory monitoring.

    Establishment of pay slips
    Social declarations
    Council in employment law (contracts, legal obligations, recruitment, dismissal )
    Total or partial outsourcing
    • Reportings /Standards

    Our team has extensive expertise in the construction and production of multi reporting standards (IFRS, US GAAP and UK)

    • Corporate Finance

    We also have a team able to assist you in your research your financing or acquisition projects


    Our experience of these missions demonstrated that beyond the technical skills, the success factors are based on a good understanding of your environment, ongoing communication and a dedicated and flexible organizational model.

    The solutions we propose are designed to allow you to focus on your business and  RSA I.B.S. pole meets 

    A dedicated team, speaking English and with solid experience in assisting international companies

    • Available for a good knowledge of your case
      Proactive to advise you or alert you
      Reactive to answer your questions
      Teaching to bring you the explanations necessary for an understanding of the situation and regulations

    conso expertise

    The care of all your accounting processes and regulatory obligations, the management of your reporting calendar

    Safety and liabilty guarantee based on a high level of quality in terms of professional standards (code of ethics, professional standards)



    An agile and efficient organization to fit your needs and your organization able to offer you a customized solution and manage both local and international dimensions

    A single point of contact to facilitate trade
    A h partner in the realization of the mission and overseeing the team
    The use of accounting software, Web 2.0 (software Ibiza), accessible on our secure website
    bringing transparency, flexibility, speed and a common and shared view of the same information at any time

    A partner able to assist you in time, with an extensive range of scalable service

    The scope of our services ensures that we can meet your changing needs as with the development of your business.
    Our experience helps us to identify the appropriate level of support you need to understand this new environment and provide you with the right level of information.