our identity

Rsa, a client-focused accountancy practice

Rsa was born out of the merger between two major French accountancy firms and has retained their rigorous methodology, offering the benefits of high service standards combined with the agility and responsiveness of a smaller company.

Rsa provides auditing, accounting and consultancy services and is a member of the Crowe global network, listed as one of the top 10 global networks.

Headed up by 10 associates who share a common vision and values and are driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Rsa brings together teams of highly motivated professionals who utilise their technical and management skills to support their clients’ growth.

No matter what the size of your company or what business sector you operate in, the flexibility of our structure and organisational model means we can create personalised solutions tailored to your needs and your business environment.

Our breadth of expertise and service lines focused on financial information means that our clients are able to benefit from a cross-disciplinary approach and a global perspective on their management issues.

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  • Expertise (i.e. knowledge)

  • Resources

  • Processes

The 4 pillars of Rsa development

  1. its independence

    We are independent, which means we make our own decisions and take responsibility for those decisions. Our clients are thus assured of our total commitment to the relationship and to fulfilling all assignments entrusted to us.

  2. A multi-disciplinary service offer

    Rsa, with its strong entrepreneurial spirit, closely monitors changes in the market and adopts a dynamic and pragmatic policy of constant adaptation in order to better respond to its clients’ new needs and challenges. The breadth of our service offer enables us to offer our clients a global approach, advising and assisting them on matters from safeguarding and optimising their accounting and financial information, to business development and planned growth.

  3. An international perspective

    As part of the CroweHorwath International network, we are well placed to advise and assist our clients in France and abroad, with teams who are fully aware of global issues. For more than 20 years, Rsa has been accumulating practical know-how in the management of international projects across its various areas of competency, and has a service line, “International Business Services”, dedicated to providing advice and support to foreign companies establishing themselves in France.

  4. Focused on quality and client satisfaction

    Because we believe that every client is unique, we make it our business to create a specific personalised solution that will add value, based on an in-depth understanding of the organisation, its objectives and its needs.

Key figures

  • 100 professionals

  • 10 partners

  • 17 qualified chartered accountants and auditors

  • €12 million turnover

  • 3 business lines

  • Accountancy and taxation services

  • Auditing

  • Consultancy and corporate finance

A personal, trust-based relationship

The flexibility of its organisation and the breadth of its service offer enable Rsa to work with various client profiles: SMEs, mid-sized businesses, national and international groups of companies, professionals, associations etc.

Rsa offers each and every client :

A trust-based relationship built on applying rigorous methodology and delivering on promises

A close working relationship based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and markets, and teams and associates always on hand to help.

A recognised name

  • Member of the “Ordre des Experts Comptables de Paris Ile de France” (association of chartered accountants in the Paris region)

  • Member of the “Compagnie Régionale des Commissaires aux Comptes de Paris” (Paris association of statutory auditors)

  • Member of the “Union des Sociétés d’Expertise Comptable (an association representing firms committed to working for the future development of our profession).

  • Business France partner (formerly “Agence Française pour les investissements internationaux”