Starting your own business


For more than 20 years we have been supporting start-up businesses, from the feasibility study phase to the setting up and launch of the project.

Starting a business is a human adventure rather than a technical exercise.

That’s why we make it our number one priority to listen to you carefully, so that we fully understand the context and the crucial factors in your project.

Our objective is to provide you with the best resources and the most pertinent advice, so that you can take the best decisions whilst putting your full energy into starting your business activity.

As is the case in all our assignments, we adopt a pragmatic and operational approach.

Our services

  • feasibility study for your project
  • Business plan and budget forecasts

  • Assistance in selecting a legal, employer and fiscal status. Drawing up the statutes, support in the formalities
  • Legal and administrative support, taking charge of the different steps
  • Seeking funding (identifying requirements and funding sources, assistance in negotiations)
  • Advice on employment law (drawing up employment contracts, social security declarations, collective bargaining agreement options, etc.)
  • Putting in place management tools
  • Helping you to choose and set up your accounting structure
  • Acquisition audit, evaluation

We can take care of managing of your accounting and payroll in various ways:

A full outsourcing arrangement, ad hoc support or a collaborative approach via our on-line Web 2.0 platform Rsa Direct Connect, which facilitates the sharing of tasks and documents.

RSA Direct Connect

Rsa has always firmly believed in using technology to serve client needs.
Rsa Direct Connect, our accounts portal, is a solution that combines the flexibility of an on-line accountancy platform on Web 2.0 with the added security of access to the expertise and support of the practice: you are in control of your accounting and tax system and you have the flexibility to manage it according to your needs.
Our on-line portal lets you access, via secure protocol, a management tool that enables you to:

  • view your information, itemised and filed in your Permanent File.
  • consult your accounts.
  • track payment deadlines.
  • send reminders to your clients.
  • monitor your business activity using a management chart that is updated with each movement.
  • extract data to carry out your own analyses.
  • share the same software and the same accounts in real time with your accountant, so that you can handle all or part of your business’s accounts independently but under supervision.
  • The accounts portal allows you instant and secure access to your files, requires no installation or maintenance, and enables you to share information in real time with your accountancy practice.

This collaborative approach lets you determine the division of tasks between the practice and your business and to fix the desired level of our contribution.