The Crowe network


Crowe can assist in managing your global agenda to build a business that is competitive at both international and local level

The network

Rsa is a member of Crowe International, ranked worldwide as the number 9 network for auditing, accounting consultancy and advice, and of Crowe France, the number 9 French network.

In France:

Crowe France is ranked as the number 9 international network for auditing, accountancy and consultancy with a presence in France.

It is made up of independent practices, forming a national network of 67 offices, and it brings together more than 110 associates and 1,000 co-workers with a shared vision, shared working practices and shared values, at the service of their clients.

In 2014 its consolidated turnover stood at over 100 million euros, from its four service lines: audit, accounting, consultancy and risk consulting

Crowe France is a member of Crowe International, ranked as the number 9 international network for auditing, accountancy and consultancy.

Crowe International brings together leading independent practices, offering global expertise in compliance with each country’s particular requirements, to provide clients with effective support in their expansion both in the domestic marketplace and abroad. All members share a vision, working practices and common values, in serving their clients. Being a member of the network and collaborating with a member of the network means benefiting from :

  • competencies that are recognised by all the national and international financial and professional bodies,

  • a partner with an impeccable reputation for the technical quality of its services, its guarantee of ethical conduct and integrity,

  • a real ability to address global issues and the network’s know-how in supporting its clients,

  • the support of teams of experts in every domain, designed to provide support to businesses operating on the global, regional or local level,

  • a strong national presence in France.




Service lines

  • Accounting and tax matters

  • Audit

  • Risk consulting

  • Consultancy and corporate finance

The French practices belonging to the network offer their clients

  • a wide range of services via their experts specialising in auditing, accounting, corporate finance and risk consulting

  • a regional presence through a network of 67 offices

  • cross-border support with teams accustomed to working in the international marketplace and/or in collaboration with the numerous offices throughout the world

Crowe France Crowe International

In the world :

Crowe International is ranked among the top 10 global accounting networks with 171 independent accounting and advisory services firms with 671 offices and 29 239 professionals and staff in more than 100 countries around the world.

In 2012, Crowe International has achieved a consolidated turnover of 3,077 billion dollars.

Crowe International’s member firms are committed to impeccable quality service, highly integrated service delivery processes and a common set of core values that guide their decisions daily. Each firm is well-established as a leader in its national business community and is staffed by nationals, thereby providing a knowledge of local laws and customs which is important to clients undertaking new ventures or expanding into other countries.

Crowe International member firms are known for their personal service to privately and publicly held businesses in all sectors and have built an international reputation in the areas of audit, tax, advisory services and risk consulting.